The India Collection has been our biggest undertaking yet. Over a year in the making, this collection represents countless sketches, rounds and rounds of dye testing, late night shipping brainstorms, and thousands of frequent flier miles.


This collection took hard work, strategic thinking, and integrity in every decision along the way. With each decision, we challenged ourselves to choose creativity and progress. We continued to ask, “Is there a better way?”


From experimenting with leather as a base for block printing (they've traditionally used cotton) to dreaming up custom colors inspired by the soft earth tones of India’s modern architecture, each design required an extra dose of imagination – from both our design team and our artisan partners.


When it came to the supply chain, we thought through every step, unlocking value for our customers and artisan partners. That’s why we’re working with not only recycled, but upcycled materials, using scraps from our block print leather pillows to weave new ones. And as with every collection, we’re establishing sustainable working relationships with our partners, ensuring each artisan who works on our products is paid fairly for their skill and artistry.


Needless to say, we’re excited to share this collection with you next week. Until then, we hope you enjoy these sneak peeks from our travels.

Rajni uniyal